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Family Constellations with Dolls

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Family Constellations with Dolls

Dolls are a symbol, a way of externalizing a thought that allows to represent a concept, a belief or an event associating ideas.

In short, symbols are the representation of a thing. Through these representations people seek to express different elements of our emotional affective life.

For this reason, symbolization is a fundamental concept for any therapy that takes into account the emotional affective part of people, as it refers directly to the phenomena of the human psyche.

Por eso las constelaciones familiares se puede realizar con muñecos que simbolizan la situación que se vive. Trabajar con muñecos es utilizar una herramienta de tipo simbólico.

Through the work with dolls in family constellations, the family or experiential situation of the coexistence group is represented in a metaphorical and visual way, expressing the unconscious conflicts that the person lives.

It is a kind of theater where unconsciously the person who constela projects his conflicts and this act allows him to objectify, externalize multiple dimensions or aspects of the reality that he lives and that until that moment are not conscious.

The fact of being able to look as an external spectator allows to see and raise awareness of a timeless and non-sequential reality since it does not matter how long the conflict has because by observing and identifying it the person revives it in the moment and therefore can release it.

On the other hand, working with dolls is a private and intimate exercise where only the therapist and the patient participate. This process is a way to take responsibility for your own changes and helps you find a good position or place of strength within your family, organizational or socio-historical system.

Al trabajar desde esta perspectiva sistémica no sólo nos dedicamos a rastrear problemas familiares a través del tiempo y el espacio, sino que además vamos encontrando, recursos para afrontar y superar tanto dificultades personales como interpersonales.

Finalmente podría decir que el trabajo terapéutico con muñecos en las constelaciones familiares puede ser visto como una aventura, un viaje al inconsciente familiar o grupal. Aventura que vivimos junto a la persona que constela para que aflore la sombra, sanado así las heridas del pasado y liberando el presente.

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